"Christ was born in an ordinary family in the north."
Ok, sure, Bethlehem was north of something.
"She gradually grew up as an ordinary person does." 
She? Something seems off.
"In 1989...Christ gave up her studies and formally entered the house church."
Ok, it's official, someone has the story wrong.

A Not-So-Virgin Birth

The quotations above were taken from the website, Hidden Advent. It's the website home for the Chinese Cult better known as "Eastern Lightning." They believe that the third and final Christ was born in the north of China to finish the job of eradicating sin and defeating Satan. They are notoriously aggressive in their "recruitment" of Christians often using kidnapping, physical violence, and mental abuse to coerce conversions. This is the worst kind of cult. They parade around as sheep using Christian terms and theological concepts to confuse and divide the true bride of Christ. This charade makes it difficult for the government to distinguish between true Christianity and that which is a man-centered and God-offending fraud. This deception is aimed at our brothers and sisters in China and doesn't seem to have signs of slowing.

A Virgin Birth

On June 18th we broadcast "Why the Virgin Birth Matters", the seventh broadcast in our series on The Apostles' Creed. This sermon teaches that:

Would you take 30 seconds today and join us in prayer for our brothers and sisters in China?


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