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A Message From A Chinese Pastor

Peter Wang, a pastor in China, was in town last week for a conference and we had the joy of hosting him for a few days. Peter has known Dr. Pritchard since 2006, when Dr. Pritchard served as a Master Coach at the Global Proclamation Academy. Since then, Peter has taken many of Dr. Pritchard’s sermons and translated them and tweaked them for use in the Chinese culture. While he was in town, he mentioned that the resource he had in Dr. Pritchard’s sermons made him a better preacher and a more efficient pastor. We asked him if he would share his thoughts with you on camera and he readily obliged:

 Throughout the years, Peter has taught through many of Dr. Pritchard’s sermons and his ministry has been strengthened and blessed as a result.

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Christina’s Testimony – A Common Testimony

Her name is Christina and she is a university student in Chongqing who just passed her math exams with flying colors. We began communicating a short time ago and she shared her testimony with me:

“my friends bring me to the church. At first i don’t believe god. Two years passed and God let me experience him, so now I believe.”

Recently, she asked me this question:

“I am a Christian but I still commit the sin. How can i live?”

A Common Testimony

If you’re a Christian and you’re still here on earth, you probably have struggled, are struggling, or will struggle with that question at some point in your life. Just like Christina, many of us are burdened by our sins and wonder at times if we are truly saved. It is for Christina and the millions just like her in China that we’re broadcasting the message that God not only forgives but also forgets.

A Buried Burden

Earlier today we broadcast the sermon “God’s Scapegoat: ‘Buried’” from the sermon series The Apostles’ CreedThis sermon takes a look at the details surrounding the crucifixion of our Lord and how the word “buried” proves that Jesus died, which set the stage for a real, miraculous, and world changing resurrection.

It is our hope and our prayer that when our brothers and sisters hear this broadcast that they will know that:

  • God blots out our sins as a thick cloud (Isaiah 44:22).
  • God forgets our sins and remembers them no more (Jeremiah 31:34).
  • God puts our sins behind his back (Isaiah 38:17).
  • God buries our sins in the depths of the sea (Micah 7:19).
  • God removes our sins as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12).

In Leviticus 16, the scapegoat is led out from the camp into the wilderness and is left there never to return. Through the cross our sins were forgiven, and through the burial our sins have been left deep in the tomb never to be resurrected.

I told Christina to take joy in the fact that God no longer sees our sins and to give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for paying our penalty and burying our sins.

Would you take 30 seconds today and join us in prayer for our brothers and sisters in China?

  • Pray for Christina’s faith to be strengthened so that she might continue to taste and see that the Lord is good.
  • Pray for the many Chinese college students who are taking exams right now — the pressure is so great that if they fail, it has become commonplace to hear of students taking their own lives in response to failure — pray that they would pass their exams and that they would come to know the goodness and grace of God.
  • Pray that the Gospel would go forth boldly for the Chinese people.

As always, we’re so thankful for your prayers, generosity and encouragement.

We couldn’t do this without you.