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One Week From Today

one year

In just one week, we will broadcast our final broadcast in our first year schedule! It seems like just yesterday when we launched with the series “The Deeper Meaning of the Cross.” Over the past year, we’ve seen increases in web traffic, downloads and listener feedback. We will have distributed 1000 flash cards filled with the Audio and Text versions of “An Anchor for the Soul” to pastors and Christian leaders all over China. Here is a breakdown of the final three broadcasts for this year:

  1. 2nd Timothy – Renewing Your Passion
  2. 2nd Timothy – How Will You Be Remembered
  3. 2nd Timothy – The Life that God Blesses

Will you join with us as we pray for those who will hear these messages?

We’re excited as we look forward to the next year of broadcasting in which we’ll broadcast Dr. Pritchard’s series on Romans. It includes some 72 different sermons going verse-by-verse through the book of Romans. We hope that those who listen will be encouraged and equipped to keep believing in Jesus Christ.

As always, thanks for all your support, encouragement and prayer over the past year. We’re excited you’re on board and look forward to many more years of broadcasting the good news and training pastors in China.

KBM China Update – 3/1/13

In just 4 weeks we’ll wrap up our first year of broadcasting sermons into China. Here are some interesting numbers related to this milestone:

  • 6.5 – If you listened to each one of the sermons that were broadcast back to back, you’d be listening for 6.5 days straight. And you’d need some¬†caffeine.
  • 1,371 – Over the past year, we’ve had 1,371 different individuals come and visit our mandarin site.
  • 67 – In that same time frame, we’ve had visits from 67 different countries throughout the world. This includes countries like Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Nigeria, Bahrain, and Venezuela.
  • 28 – We’ve received hits from 28 provinces within China. The only major exceptions are the largely rural areas of the south west of China. See image below.



  • 8 – This is the number of cities in which we receive over ten visits per month (some as high as 60/month). This is important because it shows that our internet audience is growing in at least 8 cities. See images below, the bigger the yellow diamond, the more visits/month. The second image shows visits from cities within China. The larger the name, the more visits from that city.

RadioHits WordleWeb

When we started broadcasting and posting sermons on the internet, we had no idea what God would do through this ministry. We’re greatly encouraged by these numbers and praise God for the growth he’s given this ministry. As we look forward to another year of broadcasting and pastors conferences, we’re excited to see where and how God will expand his ministry in China through Keep Believing Ministries.

Your constant prayers, encouragement, and support over the past year have been¬†indispensable. We’re grateful for your heart for China, your involvement in our lives, and for your partnership with us. We couldn’t do this without you and wanted to say “thanks” for faithfully praying and supporting our ministry in China.