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One Week From Today

one year

In just one week, we will broadcast our final broadcast in our first year schedule! It seems like just yesterday when we launched with the series “The Deeper Meaning of the Cross.” Over the past year, we’ve seen increases in web traffic, downloads and listener feedback. We will have distributed 1000 flash cards filled with the Audio and Text versions of “An Anchor for the Soul” to pastors and Christian leaders all over China. Here is a breakdown of the final three broadcasts for this year:

  1. 2nd Timothy – Renewing Your Passion
  2. 2nd Timothy – How Will You Be Remembered
  3. 2nd Timothy – The Life that God Blesses

Will you join with us as we pray for those who will hear these messages?

We’re excited as we look forward to the next year of broadcasting in which we’ll broadcast Dr. Pritchard’s series on Romans. It includes some 72 different sermons going verse-by-verse through the book of Romans. We hope that those who listen will be encouraged and equipped to keep believing in Jesus Christ.

As always, thanks for all your support, encouragement and prayer over the past year. We’re excited you’re on board and look forward to many more years of broadcasting the good news and training pastors in China.

The Savior From South Beach

“Chicago,” said one eager student.

“No, not even in the right country,” I answered.

“New York?” said another eager but equally confused student.

“No, try again,” (laughing and drawing a map on the board) I answered.

“Miami, with Dwayne Wade!” said one student enthusiastically from the back row.

“No, still in the wrong country.” I said, as I pointed to my hastily drawn map of the world.

Then, like an avalanche, cities from all over the world were blurted out.


The map hadn’t helped.

As easy the answer is to most of us, most Chinese people can’t tell you where Jesus Christ was born.

Jesus of Nazareth

I had asked the question, “Where was Jesus born?” during a culture class about Christmas. To be sure, the answers they gave were not what I expected. However, these questions led into a lengthy discussion about Jesus, creation, the Bible, and salvation. They were shocked to hear that Christianity didn’t start in New York City but in a small village in Israel. To most of my students, Jesus was as real as Santa Claus or as plausible as the creation narrative. To them he was a candy bar, a Buick, or Pizza Hut — he was imported from the West.

Jesus for China

Just yesterday we broadcast the sermon, “Does Jesus Live In China” from the series “Truth on Fire.” This message focuses on Galatians 5:19-26 and the choice Christians have to live according to the flesh or according to the Spirit. We hope this broadcast reaches Christians throughout the nation and encourages them to live in such a way that Christ would be seen in China. May our brothers and sisters live in the Spirit and by doing so bring their co-workers, classmates and family closer to the carpenter from Nazareth.


Will you take 30 seconds to pray for our brothers and sisters in China?

  • Pray that Christians would live boldly by the Spirit for all to see.
  • Pray that the proclamation of the Gospel would be accompanied by lives that reflect inner transformation.
  • Pray that God would continue to raise up godly young men and women to testify that Jesus is not the savior from South Beach but the Savior of the whole world.

KBM: China – Ministry Update

Our 67th Broadcast!

Today marks our 67th broadcast into China, as well as the start of our new series “Galatians: Truth on Fire.” This series will walk listeners through the book of Galatians verse by verse over the course of 16 different broadcasts. After broadcasting, the sermons are then stored for streaming and download at our mandarin language website,

From time to time, we receive emails and text message from our listeners in China giving feedback and asking for prayer. We wanted to share a couple responses with you today so you can get a sense of the response and need within China.

From a listener in Zhejiang:

“Greetings! I often log on to the website ‘Keep Believing’ and gain lots of help from Pastor Ray. May I ask what help can I offer for ‘Ministry in China’? Lord be with you!”

From another listener in China:

“This is the first time I had contact with you. Thank God that I had the opportunity of listening to gospel radio station since I was a teenager. Formerly, there were no churches here. Occasionally, someone would drop by to preach the “gospel” but not according to the truth of the Bible. Some people still believed in the message though. I am very weak in spirit. I only got a Bible indirectly by God. I thank God for that. When I worked out of town at my young age, I was not cautious enough and was inflicted with Hepatitis B disease. Several years ago, I was found to have the symptoms of hepatocirrhosis. Since then, I have no longer had health inspection with respect to my liver. I have already failed one marriage. Perhaps it was because my spouse discovered my liver disease and deserted me. That was the time when I was smitten to an extremely painful state due to the divorce. Yet I thank God, for He has not deserted me. Two years ago, I met my present wife whom I love. She was married before and has one daughter. I love her and her daughter. She also loves me. However, I have not disclosed to her about my liver disease because I am afraid that our marriage may be affected. Ever since she has become pregnant, I felt a bit regretful. I feel that I should not have married her. I am really sorry for her. She should have found another man better than I. Besides, I am afraid that my liver disease may have been transferred to her and the fetus. I feel myself very irresponsible and sorry for her. I really should not have married her.”

We continue to be encouraged by the feedback we receive and hope that you’ll be encouraged by it as well.

Keep checking back for more updates from the field!


The Prodigal Sons and Daughters of China

The Prodigal Son Returns

Most of the class giggled uncomfortably in their seats in response to my question.

I asked the question again, “Do you think your fathers would forgive you like the father in the story we just read?”

Again, giggling and now students squirming in their seats.


Eventually, one of my stronger English students found the courage to answer.

With great certainty she said, “Of course not, Mr. Pritchard. My father might beat me and tell me never to come home again.”

The Prodigal Sons and Daughters of China

I had just finished teaching about the principle of forgiveness from Luke 15:11-32. My Chinese students loved the story. In equal parts, they seemed to loathe the son for his selfishness and to revere the father for his over-the-top forgiveness and reconciliation. The wind was sucked out of the room when my student declared her fear of her father and her knowledge that forgiveness wouldn’t be offered to her in abundance, let alone in meager sums. We spent the rest of the class talking about forgiveness and a God who can and does forgive the sins of his children. I remember leaving the classroom discouraged for my students and their lack of hope and yet encouraged because there is truly a God who does forgive the sins of his children. All they need do is to run back home into the waiting arms of their Heavenly Father.

The Forgiveness of Sins

Earlier today we broadcast the sermon “The Positive Power of Forgiveness” from our series on The Apostles’ Creed. This broadcast focuses on our need for forgiveness, our assurance of forgiveness and the results of forgiveness.We hope this broadcast reaches Christians and non-Christians alike, sparking reconciliation among friends, family, churches, and ultimately with their Creator. May our Chinese brothers and sisters experience the same forgiveness and life changing reconciliation that the prodigal son received when he returned to his father.


Will you take 30 seconds to pray for our brothers and sisters in China?

  • Pray that those who hear this broadcast would not only be made aware of their need for forgiveness but also be made aware of the One who forgives.
  • Pray for university students to experience true forgiveness from their Heavenly Father.
  • Pray that the Gospel would go forth boldly as old grudges and hurts are forgiven and relationships are restored.


Universal Unity

 The Cross

“I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

When Jesus spoke these words in Matthew 16:18 the phrase “gates of hell” encompassed not only any worldly foe outside the church but also any worldly foe inside the church. We’re well aware of the persecution that comes from outside the church in China, but what about the strife and discord that exists within the church? Just like anywhere else, the Chinese church struggles with unity within the body.

Discord from Below and Within

Before the take over by Mao in 1949 there were approximately 10 major denominations within the Christian church in China. As soon as Mao came to power, all foreign missionaries were expelled and the church with its denominations had to stand on its own. Fast forward to 2012 and the church has grown in size (75-150 million believers) and in diversity. There are no   accurate numbers on the count of different denominations within the house church movement, but it’s safe to assume that every major denomination has a Chinese counterpart. One of the most public and contentious breaks in Christianity in China is between the house church and the government run Three Self Patriotic Movement church of China. While there are many reasons (too many for this post) for this break, it’s enough to say that while there are brothers and sisters in both churches, there is little corporate unity between the two.

Unity from Above and Within

“I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

The 2000-year-old promise of Jesus in Matthew 16:18 is still true today. Earlier today we broadcast the sermon “God Has a Big Family—Part 1 ‘I Believe in the Holy Catholic Church‘”, which is part of the series The Apostles’ Creed. For years Christians around the world from different countries, languages and denominations have affirmed their membership in the universal church, the bride of Christ. This greater unity has lead to countless revivals and missions movements that have transformed countries for the glory of God.

It is our hope that our brothers and sisters in China will follow in the steps of those that have gone before them and unite as one body for the hearts of their Chinese countrymen.

Will you take 30 seconds and join us in prayer for our brothers and sisters in China?

  • Pray for unity of vision among the house churches.
  • Pray for forgiveness and reconciliation between the Three Self and house churches.
  • Pray for the leaders of the church, that they would lead with grace and humility.

Never Thirsting for Freedom Again

The Great Wall of China

“The tallest nail is always the first to be hit.”

“The tallest blade of grass is always the first to be cut.”

These were just a couple of the uniquely Chinese sayings I encountered while teaching English in China. Along with being witty, they reveal a lot about the Chinese culture and history. However, these weren’t the most interesting sayings I encountered during my time in China.

A Distant Authority

“Maybe that law doesn’t matter here.”

I heard that answer from a lot of my Chinese friends for a lot of different laws and regulations, including the practice of the Christian faith outside the government run 3-Self Church . The Chinese have a saying about laws and authority that originated while China was ruled by emperors, “The mountains are high and the emperor is far away.” This little saying is applied in equal measure to the local police, the regional authorities and even the Beijing government itself. This attitude of distance inspired freedom can just as easily support the spread of the Gospel as support the persecution of the church.

The Authority Draws Near

Earlier today we broadcast the sermon “When God Comes Near: ‘I Believe in the Holy Spirit’” from the series “The Apostles’ Creed”. This sermon focuses on the phrase from the Apostles’ Creed, “I Believe in the Holy Spirit.” In a country (really, the whole world) full of injustice and unjust leaders, our hope and prayer is that our chinese brothers and sisters rejoice knowing that a good and just Authority has been given to them for a freedom unlike anything they’ve experienced. We hope that they come to experience the words of Christ and thirst no more:

“…If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him…” 


Will you take 30 seconds to pray for our brothers and sisters in China?

  • Pray that they would experience the true freedom that comes from submission to the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray that local, regional and national leaders would soften their stance towards the open practice of Christianity.
  • Pray that the Gospel would go forth with boldness throughout cities, university campuses, and rural towns.

Christina’s Testimony – A Common Testimony

Her name is Christina and she is a university student in Chongqing who just passed her math exams with flying colors. We began communicating a short time ago and she shared her testimony with me:

“my friends bring me to the church. At first i don’t believe god. Two years passed and God let me experience him, so now I believe.”

Recently, she asked me this question:

“I am a Christian but I still commit the sin. How can i live?”

A Common Testimony

If you’re a Christian and you’re still here on earth, you probably have struggled, are struggling, or will struggle with that question at some point in your life. Just like Christina, many of us are burdened by our sins and wonder at times if we are truly saved. It is for Christina and the millions just like her in China that we’re broadcasting the message that God not only forgives but also forgets.

A Buried Burden

Earlier today we broadcast the sermon “God’s Scapegoat: ‘Buried’” from the sermon series The Apostles’ CreedThis sermon takes a look at the details surrounding the crucifixion of our Lord and how the word “buried” proves that Jesus died, which set the stage for a real, miraculous, and world changing resurrection.

It is our hope and our prayer that when our brothers and sisters hear this broadcast that they will know that:

  • God blots out our sins as a thick cloud (Isaiah 44:22).
  • God forgets our sins and remembers them no more (Jeremiah 31:34).
  • God puts our sins behind his back (Isaiah 38:17).
  • God buries our sins in the depths of the sea (Micah 7:19).
  • God removes our sins as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12).

In Leviticus 16, the scapegoat is led out from the camp into the wilderness and is left there never to return. Through the cross our sins were forgiven, and through the burial our sins have been left deep in the tomb never to be resurrected.

I told Christina to take joy in the fact that God no longer sees our sins and to give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for paying our penalty and burying our sins.

Would you take 30 seconds today and join us in prayer for our brothers and sisters in China?

  • Pray for Christina’s faith to be strengthened so that she might continue to taste and see that the Lord is good.
  • Pray for the many Chinese college students who are taking exams right now — the pressure is so great that if they fail, it has become commonplace to hear of students taking their own lives in response to failure — pray that they would pass their exams and that they would come to know the goodness and grace of God.
  • Pray that the Gospel would go forth boldly for the Chinese people.

As always, we’re so thankful for your prayers, generosity and encouragement.

We couldn’t do this without you.