Three Prayer Requests for China

Persecution of Vacation Bible Schools in Xinjiang Province is Escalated

In our last prayer update, we made you aware of a situation in Xinjiang where local authorities were breaking up summer meetings of the local Vacation Bible Schools. This persecution has been escalated to not only include the detaining and physical abuse of the leaders and teachers of the program but now it also includes the students that were attendance.

Requests for Prayer:

  • For the children who experienced the abuse and intimidation of the Chinese government – that they would find peace and comfort in their Savior.
  • For those still detained – that they would have courage and find strength in the sufferings of Christ.
  • For the authorities – that they would see the truth of the Gospel and become agents of change for Christ in their province.

You can read the full story here.

Local Government in Yunan Province Confiscates Bibles and Terrorizes Han and Minority Missionaries

In the southern province of Yunan, authorities have continued their persecution of Han Chinese missionaries called to preach the Gospel to the Wa minority group. This targeting of Christians has ranged from door to door Bible confiscation all the way to unjust detention.

Requests for Prayer

  • For the Wa minority group – That the church would continue to flourish and that the persecution would embolden their hearts to preach the Gospel.
  • For the persecuted missionaries – That they would not find discouragement in their persecution, rather that they would take comfort in the words of Jesus in John 15:18-25 and the promise of the Holy Spirit in John 15:26-27
  • For the authorities – That in confiscating these Bibles they would begin to read the Word of God and as a result have their hearts transformed.

You can read the full story here.

Authorities in Shaanxi Province Target House Churches, Confiscate Officially Published Bibles

The authorities have stepped up their long running crackdown of a house church in the Shaanxi Province. This latest round of persecution involved the confiscation of officially published and legally purchased Bibles.

Requests for Prayer

  • For Ms. Xia – Hers was the house that was raided, so pray for protection and continued boldness for the Gospel in the face of opposition.
  •  For Li Yongliang, head of the Law Enforcement Team of the Baihe county Culture, Radio and Television Bureau – That he would begin reading one of the Bibles he confiscated and come to know the Living God.
  • For the other bureau officials: Bai Jiangen, Qin Rengui, Ma Hanchuan, Deng Yulin – That God would soften their hearts to the church in Shaanxi and that they may begin to meet other Christians in positions of influence who would lead them to Christ.

Get Involved:

Call the number listed below (speak in Chinese if possible, or pray for them in English) and ask them to return the Bibles to the house church from which they came.

Office phone number: 011+86-915-782-0901

You can read the full story here.

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