Urgent Prayer Requests for China

Here are three situations in China that need your prayers immediately:

State Security Breaks Up House Church of Theological Society

In late June, Chinese state security broke up the meeting of the Chinese Theological Society where it was training pastors from all over China. The aim of the organization is to develop theological education throughout China.

Reasons for Praise:

  • That the pastors were all protected and escaped unharmed.

Requests for Prayer:

  • That God would continue to protect and expand the reach of the Chinese Theological Society.
  • That God would soften the hearts of the government towards the Chinese Theological Society and the many others just like it throughout China.
Read the full report here.

Police Raid Sunday School and VBS Meetings in Xinjiang and Jiangxi Provinces

Just a week ago in the far western province of Xinjiang police raided a Sunday school meeting and detained 70 teachers and children for questioning. Likewise in the southern province of Jianxi, police raided children’s summer camps detaining teachers and confiscating materials.

Requests for Prayer:

  • For the safety of the children in both raids that they would be protected from any undue harm at the hands of the government.
  • For the teachers, that they may be wise as serpents and innocent as doves as they answer questions and proclaim the Gospel.
Read full report here and here.

The Government Continues to Sanction Forced Abortions in light of the ‘One Child Policy’

This has been an international story for a few months now as the grisly details of China’s forced abortion policy continue to leak out.

Reasons for Praise:

  • The continual leaking of news from China has lead to international awareness which is leading to international pressure to stop these forced abortions.
  • The church within China is playing a vital role in country by using its collective voice in support of the unborn.

Requests for Prayer:

  • For protection of the unborn and the mothers who are being forced into aborting their children.
  • For those that have gone through this terrible ordeal to find comfort in the Holy Spirit and rest in their Savior Jesus Christ.
  • For the government to soften their hearts towards the unborn and to stop all forced abortions.

Read more here and here and here.

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